Supporting Iranian Freelancers in Exile

Supporting Iranian Freelancers in Exile
Tuesday, 02 December 2014 Written by Rory Peck Trust

In September 2014, in association with BBC Persian and Small Media Foundation, the Trust ran a three day professional development workshop for Iranian freelancers in exile. 

Resuming work as a journalist can be a struggle for freelancers forced into exile. After months, or years out of work and away from family, friends and contacts, many feel they have lost their relevance and identity. Most have to learn a new language and a new way of working. 

In September, the Trust ran a workshop for exiled Iranian journalists from the UK and Europe, aimed at developing their professional skills and introducing them to Western media and their working methods. 

Over three days, participants attended sessions led by prominent journalists and editors working in the UK media, gaining practical skills and knowledge on how to market themselves and pitch stories.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with participants saying the workshop had given them the courage to move forward, providing a new vision of the English language media and its opportunities. 

Freelance photographer, James Arthur Allen, produced this film about the workshop and one of its participants, Mohammad Hoseini:

Image: ©James Arthur Allen

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