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A new resource for Iranian freelancers in exile

A new resource for Iranian freelancers in exile

We've launched an online course that helps Iranian freelancers navigate the international media market. RPT's Eurasia Researcher explains why its needed and what's in it.

Iran has seen a mass exodus of its journalists during the last six years and, after Syria and Ethiopia, remains one of the worst countries for journalists forced into exile. 

For most, the struggle to reach safety is replaced by the struggle to find a home and an income, and adjusting to a new life miles away from family, friends and networks. Very few are able to make a living through their journalism and eventually lose confidence in themselves and their skills.

The Trust has been supporting Iranian freelancers in exile since 2009 when the government began its renewed crackdown on independent reporting.  Our grants help them with accommodation and subsistence costs, which are important short-term life-savers.  But we have also been working on ways to help them in the long term and get them back to work.  
Our new online resource, for Iranian Freelance Journalists, has been created specifically for Iranian journalists in exile to help them make a living through their journalism.  Put together with Small Media Foundation, and following on from a three-day workshop run in 2014, the aim of the resource is to help Iranian freelancers continue to make a living from their journalism whilst in exile. It takes the form of a free, online, interactive course available in Persian, Arabic and English. 
The course helps Iranian freelancers navigate the international media market through a series of videos, quizzes, informative slideshows and takeaway download material with tips and techniques from some of Iran’s most successful journalists living and working abroad. Bozorgmehr Sharafedin, now Reuters Iran correspondent based in Dubai and Azadeh Moaveni, freelance journalist and former Middle East correspondent for Time magazine, accompany participants through a series of videos. Saeed Kamali Dehghan of The Guardian and Jack Watling, a freelance journalist formerly of NewsFixed also give useful tips and information.  
The Iranian freelancers we support are talented, creative and hard-working journalists who want to earn a living through their work. We hope very much that this new resource will give them the skills, knowledge and encouragement they need to thrive in a new media environment.  

Check out the course here. 

The course hosted by Small Media on their Advocacy Assembly online learning platform which contains other useful resources for Iranian journalists.

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