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Remembering Almigdad Mojalli

Remembering Almigdad Mojalli

The Yemeni freelancer was killed by airstrikes just outside Sana'a on 17th January. 

We were incredibly sad to hear of the death of Yemeni freelance journalist Almigdad Mojalli on Sunday.  He was killed in a Saudi-led coalition air raid whilst travelling by car from Jarif, an eastern village in Yemen.  He was on assignment for Voice of America (VOA). 

Almigdad was an experienced, committed journalist who worked regularly for local and international media, including Aljazeera, IRIN News agency, VOA and the PBS documentary channel. He was a regular contributor to the UK's Telegraph newspaper and key source of information for visiting journalists.

He was also a close contact and friend of the Trust, informing and supporting our work in Yemen.

"Almigdad was, in many ways, our go-to man in Yemen," says RPT's MENA office Sarah Giaziri. "He helped us understand the challenges facing journalists there and informed us when freelancers needed support. Yemen is an incredibly difficult country to cover but he was our eyes and ears on the ground. He was incredibly knowledgeable and eager to share that knowledge for the benefit of colleagues."

Almigdad himself became an RPT beneficiary in 2015 after receiving regular threats from Houthi government officials and local militia who opposed his work. He was threatened with jail on several occasions and, whilst working on a story about public support for coalition airstrikes, accused of being a spy for Saudi Arabia and the USA. He avoided arrest and kidnap on numerous occasions.

Our grant helped him keep a lower profile when threats mounted, and provided support for his family when working became difficult.

Despite all this, Almigdad never stopped reporting. He was determined to tell the story of Yemen's civil war and the unfolding humanitarian crisis through his journalism. We and many others will miss him terribly. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues.

Support for Almigdad's family

Journalist colleagues have set up a Youcaring donation page to help support Almigdad's family.

Find out more here.


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