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Live online for freelancers: assessing digital risks

Live online for freelancers: assessing digital risks

Join in our online conversation with freelance journalists and digital security advisers assessing the risks before going on assignment and how to best protect yourself and your contacts.

Rory Peck Trust is kicking off another round of live Google Hangouts with freelancers. Our first is set for Wednesday, 16 July at 6 pm GMT (find out what time that is for you) when we'll host a mix of freelance journalists and digital safety experts for a Q&A on assessing digital risks faced during assignments. You can watch and participate with your own questions and comments.

Freelancers often work without the support network or resources of staff journalists, and yet they are subject to the same risks. Good online safety practices help reduce the risk of physical threats as well as protecting your sources, colleagues and your story. But for many people it can seem like an intimidating subject that's difficult to start on. We don't think it has to be, and created our digital security risk assessment to help freelancers get started. We hope this lively discussion stirs interest and conversation around the issue and encourages more freelancers to think about their own digital security.

You can watch the discussion live on the Hangout page and post your questions and comments there. Alternately, you can post them to #RPThangout on Twitter or here in the comment section on this blog post.

Taking part in the discussion:

  • Patrick Tombola, a multimedia photographer and videojournalist based in the Middle East.
  • Ela Stapley, a freelance journalist based in Mexico and co-founder of Factual_, an organisation developing a mobile phone safety app, Hancel, for journalists in Latin America.
  • Victor Breiner, an independent photographer working around armed conflict, political and social issues.
  • Jennifer Henrichsen, director of the Journalism After Snowden Initiative at Columbia University's Tow Center for Digital Journalism and a consultant to UNESCO for research about digital security issues facing journalists. She is the author of, War on Words: Who Should Protect Journalists?, published by Praeger in 2011.
  • Geoffrey King, Internet Advocacy Coordinator for Committee to Protect Journalists.
  • Andrew Ford Lyons, Digital Producer for Rory Peck Trust.

How to take part

You can take part as well: Bookmark the hangout, check out our digital risk assessment resource, invite freelance journalists you know (using this tweet, if you like) to tune in. And be sure to post your questions and ideas!

Top Photo: "System Lock" by Yuri Samoilov

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