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Freelance bursaries for NYC safety training at Columbia Journalism School

Freelancers can apply for bursaries to attend 4-day safety course at Columbia Journalism School run by the Dart Center. 

Reporting Safely in Crisis Zones - an intensive, 4-day course run by Columbia Journalism School and the Dart Center in New York City prepares journalists to work safety in war, conflict zones and areas of natural disaster.

For the fourth year running, RPT has a number of bursaries for freelance journalists wishing to attend. The aim of the bursaries is to make this training affordable by providing part-funding. 

Lead by former journalist and safety trainer, Judith Matloff, the course focuses on thinking critically about evolving situations, risk assessment and harm prevention. 

This curriculum includes:

  • Risk assessment: making the right decisions before and during an assignment, setting limits, sound practices amid riots, snipers, mines, shooting, roadblocks, infiltrators and general mayhem.
  • Digital Security: safeguarding sensitive computer data and communicating with others in a secure manner. Codes, encryption and cloud computing skills are taught.
  • Emergency first aid: tourniquets, triage, fractures and bullet wounds.
  • Trauma: emotional self-care while covering troubling stories.
  • Rape/assault prevention, setting boundaries, delaying tactics, basic self-defense, healing.

The course takes place from 29 October to 1st November 2015. The full cost is $975. To apply for an RPT bursary you will need to submit a letter explaining your need, and provide references and links to published work, alongside your application form. 

Go to the Dart Center's online application to apply. The deadline for bursary applications is 15 August. 

For full course details, visit its page on the Dart Center website. Apply here.

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