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Missing freelance journalists highlight continuing dangers of working in Syria

The families of three Spanish freelance journalists confirmed yesterday they have been missing since 12 July.

Ángel Sastre, Antonio Pampliega and José Manuel López were believed to have been in Aleppo, Northern Syria after entering the country on 10th July. No information as to their location or status have been received since their disappearance. 
A fourth freelancer Japanese journalist, Jumpei Yasuda, has been missing in Syria since 23rd June. It is believed that he was also working in the Northern part of the country.
These disappearances are a reminder that Syria continues to be an extremely dangerous place for journalists, especially freelancers.
Spanish freelancer Sastre is an experienced war correspondent who works regularly with Spanish television, radio and daily newspaper La Razon. López, a freelance photographer for 11 years, has covered stories in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Kosovo. Pampliega is also an experienced conflict journalist who has worked with major international and Spanish media. All three have worked extensively in Syria.
More than 90 journalists have been abducted in Syria since the start of the conflict. 39 of them are international freelancers, of which six are still missing. 

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