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RPT Field Stories: our new video series launches today

RPT Field Stories: our new video series launches today

A new four-part series exploring the challenges faced by freelancers working at home and abroad kicks off today with filmmaker Safa Al Ahmad. 

What do freelance journalists find most difficult about their work? How do they build relationships with their subjects and protect their sources? And how on earth do they stay focused on the story in intense and chaotic situations?
RPT Field Stories, our new online video series, features four freelancers talking candidly about the everyday realities of life 'on location', and how they've managed difficult situations and kept a clear head.  Each story provides an insight into the logistical, organisational and emotional effort that freelancers put into their work.  
The first comes from Safa Al Ahmad, a Saudi filmmaker and journalist who discusses the challenges she faced working on her award-winning BBC documentary Saudi’s Secret UprisingSafa researched and shot the film entirely undercover over a period of several years and has been unable to return home since transmission. 
It’s a fascinating ten minutes and a masterclass on what freelancers need to do to protect themselves, their sources and their material when working on a politically sensitive film.
Watch here:

RPT Field Stories is filmed, produced and edited by Sam Sapin. Future episodes will feature Rory Peck Award winner Olly Lambert and Sorious Samura, an award-winning journalist from Sierra Leone. Check out our social media channels - Facebook and Twitter - for information on their release or sign up to our newsletter

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