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Introducing our new digital security resources

 Introducing our new digital security resources

Good digital security habits make up one part of a freelancer's overall personal safety needs and can help your sources, colleagues and your work as well. Our resources aim to assist freelancers gain more control over who accesses their information.

Since launching the Digital Security resources on our website in September, those pages have been some of the most popular for freelance journalists. In recognition of this, we’ve updated some of the pages and added new content to help freelancers keep their work safe online. This includes:

  • How can I use encryption?
    Encryption is an increasingly popular topic amongst freelancers. Our resource introduces some of the basic tools you can use to start encrypting your conversations and digital files. Having one or more of these methods ready will help your work and can increase trust from sources who may require extra safety measures.
  • Useful Guides & Resources
    Our digital security resources act as a good introduction to many of the issues surrounding the topic, but if you’re interested in finding out more, there are a number of in-depth and interesting guides that cover the these topics in great detail. Deciding where to start can be a difficult proposition, so we've created this list of our favourites in various languages to help out.
  • UPDATED: How can I use my mobile more securely?
    Whether it's a basic model or the latest smartphone, mobiles make working in the field both easier and potentially more risky. This resource aims to provide some key information and advice on ways that can improve your communication's security. This has remained one of our most popular resources, and so we’ve updated it with relevant information about the issues facing freelancers today.

Why is digital security important?

As the work of freelancers moves into the digital realm, being able to protect your data and your communications is becoming more important. Adversaries are developing new, sophisticated ways to access confidential information. Freelancers need to be aware of the threats and understand how they can protect themselves. Not only will this minimise threats to a journalist’s work, it can also improve safety in the field and help protect colleagues, sources and others.

Tell us what matters to you

Use these resources and also be sure to let us know how they're helping you, or what we can do to improve them. Use the resource pages' feedback options, or leave a comment on this blog post. Let us know how you practice better digital security, or ask a question you'd like us to research.

Image: Laptoppage, used here under a Creative Commons licence.

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