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Journalism in Danger

Journalism in Danger

'Who are they?' Head of Programmes Elisabet Cantenys asks at the start of this TEDx "Facing Change" talk.

Elisabet travelled to Barcelona last month for TEDxBlanquerna to discuss who 'they' are, and why they matter. She is, of course, talking about the freelance journalists who work tirelessly to provide accurate, balanced and contextual reporting from some of the world's most difficult locations. You can watch it here in full.

Through analysis of technological advances, changing perceptions of the journalistic profession, and the expanding freelance sector, Elisabet provides a sobering reflection on the rising challenges faced by journalists today. But it's not just an account of these mounting difficulties, it's an impassioned call to defend journalists: because 'their freedom is our freedom'.

Photo at top by Ferran Tomas

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