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Out of Place: a musical fundraiser

Out of Place: a musical fundraiser

A London-based team of artists will perform new musical compositions next month to help raise money for the Trust.

The one-off gala performance of 'Out of Place' is happening on Monday 3 July at St Paul's (the Actor's Church) in Covent Garden. This six month project has been exploring how contemporary poetry on the themes of displacement and new beginnings may be used as an inspiration for new musical composition. 

Booklets containing copies of the poems that inspired the music - as well as biographies of the poets and composers - will be on sale for £5 at the event. The profits will be donated to the Rory Peck Trust's work with freelance journalists, including those trying to survive in exile.

"I decided to involve the Trust after attending last year's Rory Peck Awards" says Nicola Burnett Smith, lead organiser of the event. "I was haunted by the images captured by the finalists, and the stories they told. Indeed, the experiences of displaced people - including journalists forced into exile - featured prominently that night. I immediately saw a connection between these themes of displacement and the poems submitted to our Out of Place project."

"It’s no coincidence that last year, the Trust gave 44% of its assistance grants to freelancers in exile," says Tina Carr, director of the Trust. "Many of them are in isolated situations, far from their families, their friends, their homes. They are quite literally out of place. They are relevant to this project, vital to freedom of expression, and the Trust is dealing with their experiences every single day. Thank you to Nicola, the poets and the musicians for allowing us to highlight this sector of a displaced community."

You can support the Out of Place project by attending the gala performance on Monday 3 July and buying a booklet of poems available at the event. For more information, follow the team on their Facebook page.

Main image (top): Ian Bozic/WolfSnaps
Illustrations: Andy Hitchen 

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