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Syria and Freelancers

Syria is currently an extremely dangerous place for journalists.  Since the start of the revolution a year ago, eight journalists (five local, three international), have been killed and many others have been injured or detained.

In recent interviews with Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), journalists have said that they believe the Syrian government's actions have raised the dangers of reporting conflict well beyond their usually high level. Many of those who were involved in the events that killed Gilles Jacquier in January, and Marie Colvin, RĂ©mi Ochlick and Rami Ahmed Alsayeed in February have said that they believe the Press was targeted by Syrian government forces.

During recent weeks, journalists have been crossing the borders of Syria from Turkey and Lebanon with activists, which in itself poses dangers. 

In light of this information, the Rory Peck Trust advises all freelance journalists and media workers to act with extreme caution when working in Syria and not to travel there unless they have undertaken a comprehensive assessment of the risks involved, and put in place proper protective mechanisms.

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