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Iraq Art Exhibition raises money for RPT

Iraq Art Exhibition raises money for RPT

Caroline Jaine’s exhibition, "Baghdad: Barriers and the Secret Message", is on display at London's Iraqi Cultural Centre, with 25% of sales going to the Trust's work with Iraqi freelancers. 

Caroline's mixed-media artworks are inspired by the ordinary moments she witnessed during a recent visit to Baghdad. She uses a wide range of materials to depict observations of a city she believes is often misunderstood by Western media: "We see Iraq through the prism of violence and terrorism and overlook the moments we have in common". 
Caroline is donating 25% of sales from the exhibition to RPT’s work with freelancers in Iraq. She has personal connections to Iraqi journalists who don't have the support of large media organisations and knew of our work with them and their families: “Although RPT is a small charity, it’s an effective charity – I think it can really get to the heart of things."
The Trust has been supporting Iraqi freelancers since 2004, so far distributing around 40 grants. There has been a recent spark in violence against journalists in the country - 13 have been killed during the last six months, including two freelance cameramen in March 2014.   
Baghdad: Barriers and the Secret Message is on display at the Iraqi Cultural Centre in London's Shepherd's Bush until March 30th 2014.

Find out more:

  • Check out Caroline’s website here, and follow her on twitter here
  • You can donate to the Rory Peck Trust here

(Images and film by Candour Creative for Rory Peck Trust)

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