Remembering Rory - a Film

Remembering Rory - a Film
Tuesday, 04 March 2014 Written by Molly Clarke

Three of Rory Peck's closest colleagues tell us what he was like to work with and why he was always so good at getting the story. 

In November, at the Rory Peck Awards, we screened a short film about Rory Peck. It was the 20th anniversary year of his death - Rory was killed while working in Moscow in 1993 - and we wanted to re-acquaint ourselves with the man after whom the Trust is named.
We also wanted people to discover Rory Peck the cameraman. What was he like to work with?  How did he operate in the field?  And what was his approach to stories?
So we contacted three of Rory's closest colleagues: Sonia Mikich, former Moscow Bureau Chief for German broadcaster ARD, who worked with Rory just before his death in 1993; Vaughan Smith, one of Rory's closest friends, who together with Rory founded Frontline Television News - a London based co-operative for freelance cameramen. And John Simpson, BBC's World Affairs Editor, who worked regularly with Rory over several years.
Their interviews, together with Rory's footage, reveal a man who had character, charm and determination, and a cameraman who, whilst perhaps not the best technically, was always exceptional at getting the story.
A huge thank you to the Frontline Club, ARD Moscow and the BBC, for giving us access to Rory's archive footage and permission to use excerpts in this film. All rights reserved.


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