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After 13 miles of snow and ice, freelance fundraiser nears £3k

After 13 miles of snow and ice, freelance fundraiser nears £3k

A huge thank you to Prashant Rao who ran the Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon in sub-zero conditions this weekend, raising more than £2,720 - and counting! - for his freelance colleagues. 

Prashant, a journalist for the New York Times, ran 13 miles through snow, mud and ice on Sunday morning. He completed the course in just 1 hour 49 minutes.  

"The conditions were crazy!" Prashant said. "My running shoes and trousers were drenched and muddied -- it was absolutely freezing. Although I didn't hit my more ambitious target of 1.45, I'm consoling myself with the fact that I ran through such tough weather." 

Consolation is certainly not necessary! In little over a month - and on his own initiative - he has raised almost £3,000 for RPT's work with freelance journalists. As Tina Carr, Director of RPT, said earlier this month, this is support that has a direct impact on individual lives and situations

But it's not over yet: you can still donate to Prashant's fundraiser for freelance journalists via his JustGiving site.  
Image credit: Alexa Sharples

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