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Sign up for RPT's online digital security surgery

Sign up for RPT's online digital security surgery

Learn how to assess and prepare for digital threats at our live hangout next Wednesday 20th May. 

Knowing how to prepare and manage digital security is now an essential skill for journalists. But many freelancers find the topic overwhelming and intimidating.  A digital risk assessment can help. 

(video will be active when the Hangout begins)

In RPT's 30-minute Digital Security Surgery for FreelancersDaniel Ó Clunaigh, of Tactical Techwill show us how using a digital risk assessment can help freelance journalists identify the likely threats for their given situation and apply the appropriate tools and methods to manage their security, making digital safety manageable and more achievable. 

Daniel conducts regular digital security training and also leads Tactical Tech's holistic security project, which aims to better integrate approaches to psychosocial well-being, security management and digital security for human rights defenders.

"Risk assessment is not something new to most people," says Ó Clunaigh. "We do it all the time - every time we decide when to cross a busy street or what to bring when we leave the house. The thing is, our perception of digital threats is limited - we don't have any instinct for it - so it's just about building awareness and building it into our routines. A bit more solid knowledge helps reduce paranoia. We can take action to protect our data while still getting our work done."

This Google On Air Hangout takes place on 20th May at 1 pm (GMT). You can find out what time that will be where you are here. You'll be able to ask questions, add your comments and find out what resources and methods are available to limit your digital exposure and adopt this into better overall safety preparation for your next assignment. So sign up now!

We'll be updating this page with links, resources and the live video stream when it's available. Subscribe to our e-newsletter to get updates about our this and other Digital Security Surgeries as well as other RPT activity.

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Andrew Ford Lyons is the digital producer for Rory Peck Trust. You can follow his personal account on Twitter here, and contact him via encrypted email using this PGP key.

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