Join us live and online for the Rory Peck Awards

Join us live and online for the Rory Peck Awards
Monday, 18 November 2013 Written by Rory Peck Trust

Awards night has nearly arrived. Many of you are joining us on the night, but here's how to take part for those who can't make it.

People attending the Rory Peck Awards know what an inspiring event it truly is, but for those who aren't able to make it, there are some key ways you can take part online.

You can follow the evening's event on Twitter or Facebook for live updates from the awards. Follow the #rorypeckawards hashtag to see everyone's activity. Similarly on Instagram, you can follow our profile for pictures from the awards using the #rorypeckawards hashtag as well on your mobile. You can see all our Twitter and Instagram streams live on our website as well, by visiting our Awards home page when the awards begin.

You can also help RPT's continued support of freelance newsgatherers on Awards Night as well. Sony Professional, sponsor of the awards, has set up a special JustGiving page to help raise funds to support our work with freelance newsgatherers. For every £1 you donate to RPT using this online giving page, Sony will match it up to £1,000 until midnight of 20 November.


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