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Rory Peck Awards on Channel 4

Rory Peck Awards on Channel 4

Catch Rory Peck Awards finalists on Channel 4 tonight and throughout the week. Four three-minute films, shot and produced by Sam Sapin of Steve Boulton Productions, explore the motivations and stories behind their entries.

Tune in to Channel 4 UK on the below dates and times (GMT):

Monday, 9 November at 19:55:
Olivier Sarbil – ‘Ukraine: Sounds of a Ceasefire'

What does a ceasefire look and sound like in eastern Ukraine? Freelance filmmaker Olivier Sarbil captured both sides of this supposedly quiet moment in a brutal conflict. His cinematic sequences of rebel front lines and fleeing civilians tell another story.
Catch it here on 4oD

Tuesday, 10 November at 19:55:
Salam Rizk – ‘Syria’s Rebel Advance’

In the ever-changing landscape of the Syrian conflict, filmmaker Salam Rizk secured unique access to rebel forces as they took hold of the strategic town of Jisr al-Shughour. Salam also describes the experience of filming with some of the jihadist factions that now make up a significant part of the Syrian rebel coalition.
Catch it here on 4oD

Wednesday, 11 November at 19:55:
Simon Rawles – ‘Caged and Chained’

In the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan, a man was found shackled in a bamboo cage open to the elements, just feet from his family home. He had been kept in there for 16 years. Filmmaker Simon Rawles investigated the practice of families caging and chaining their mentally-ill relatives in the Philippines.
- Catch it here on 4oD

Thursday, 12 November at 19:55: 
Yahya Hassouna – ‘Gaza: A Summer of War and Beyond’

Flyers rain down from the sky, warning the citizens of Gaza to flee; the bombing is about to begin. Filmmaker Yahya Hassouna decided to stay, documenting a summer of conflict between Israel and Hamas and its devastating impact on the local population.
- Catch it here on 4oD

If you miss the broadcasts, you can catch them on 4oD the day after the transmission.

Image: News finalists, all interviewed by Sam Sapin for Channel 4 

The Rory Peck Awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday 18th November at London's BFI Southbank. The awards, presented by Alex Crawford of Sky News, uniquely celebrate the work of freelance cameramen and camerawomen in news and current affairs worldwide.

Book your tickets to the awards here.

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