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Four weeks to go until the Rory Peck Awards

Four weeks to go until the Rory Peck Awards

Don't miss out! Buy tickets to this year’s Awards ceremony on Wednesday 20 November, and come celebrate the work of freelancers. It's a great evening, too.

Get your tickets here. And, in the meantime, meet this year's Features finalists and see their outstanding work...

Ahmed Farah

Somali Justice

Ahmed's report chronicles the consequences of brutal crime in perhaps the world’s most unstable country. With reporter Jamal Osman, he tells the story of Mohammed, found guilty of murder and on death row in Bossasso prison.

Olly Lambert

Syria: Across the Lines

Olly spent a total of five weeks in the Orontes River Valley, filming with rebel Sunni Muslim fighters on one side of the river and pro-regime Alawite loyalists on the other. Olly’s film documents life on both sides of Syria's civil war, exploring how the conflict is tearing once-peaceful communities apart.

Adam Pletts

The Revolution Is Being Televised

Adam’s film tells the story of six media activists in Syria struggling to tell the story of their town - Al Qusayr - to the outside world. This is their personal story - one of loss of family members, of survival and of fighting for a cause - where the risks and losses are made worthwhile by their first intoxicating taste of freedom.

Christiane Amanpour of CNN and ABC News, and ITV News' James Mates will be hosting this year’s ceremony. You can buy tickets for the night here.

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