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Honouring the memory of Rory Peck

Honouring the memory of Rory Peck

20 years ago today freelance cameraman Rory Peck was killed in Moscow. He had been filming a vicious gun battle outside the Ostankino television station during Russia's October coup and was caught in crossfire.

Rory was a skillful and widely respected cameraman, known for his charm and his ability to get access to people and places that others could not.  He covered wars in Afghanistan and the Gulf, and the many armed conflicts that followed the dissolution of the Soviet Union, including the fall of Bucharest.  He was one of the founders of the independent Frontline Television News agency.
Two years after his death, Rory’s wife Juliet, together with friends and colleagues, set up the Rory Peck Trust to support freelance cameramen and camerawomen and their families in crisis. The Trust has since expanded to provide assistance, support and resources to all freelancers involved in newsgathering.

We’ve come a long way. But we’ve never forgotten our roots - and the man to whom we owe our name. Every year the Rory Peck Awards, sponsored by Sony, honour the outstanding work of freelance cameramen and camerawomen in news and current affairs.  And in memory of these roots, the Trust maintains a record dedicated to the memory of those camerapeople who have lost their lives during the course of their work.
We are proud to bear the name Rory Peck and proud to support freelancers, who, like Rory, dedicate their lives to the reporting of events around the world.

Rory Peck (13 December 1956 – 3 October 1993)


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