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Three weeks to go until the Rory Peck Awards

Three weeks to go until the Rory Peck Awards

Don’t miss out! Come to this year’s Awards ceremony on Wednesday 20 November, and celebrate the work of freelancers. It’s a great evening.

Buy your tickets here. In the meantime, meet the Sony Impact Award finalists...

Ben Anderson

Mission Accomplished

Ben was able to gain extraordinary access to Afghan police, army local officals as well as US Marines for this film. This film provides devestating proof of the massive gulf in expectations between the American troops and the local Afghan forces who are now mostly in charge. 

Soumen Guha Sontu and Dipak Chandra Sutradha

Hazaribagh: Toxic Leather

Soumen and Dipak pretended to be filming a commercial for a French leather company to gain access to the giant slum of antiquitated tanneries in Hazaribagh on the outskirts of Dhaka. This film provides clear evidence of the appalling, squalid conditions for half a million workers in Hazibargh's factories. 

Jezza Neumann

Kashmir's Torture Trail

This film tells the story of serious and sustained abuses in the Kashmir Valley since the anti-India protests their in 2010, in which 120 demonstrators, many of them children, were killed by Indian troops. This film provides evidence of a widespread state-sanctioned torture programme in the area since then.

Christiane Amanpour of CNN and ABC, and ITV News's James Mates will be hosting this year's ceremony. You can buy tickets for the night here.

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