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Which finalist will win this year's award for News?

Which finalist will win this year's award for News?

With powerful coverage from Bangladesh, Syria and Mali, this year's roster of finalists means that judging a winner for the Rory Peck Award for News will be a close call.

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Al-Emrun Garjon

Title: Bangladesh Factory Collapse 

This remarkable film features footage of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse - Bangladesh's worst industrial accident. Garjon covered the story relentlessly, taking in the immediate aftermath of the accident, the rescue efforts and the subsequent protests for worker's rights.

Marcel Mettelsiefen

Title: Agony in Aleppo

Marcel has been to Syria many times over the past two years but this was his first trip to Aleppo. He captured a devastating report on the plight of people trying to carry on with their lives in a hopelessly battered and broken city.

Aris Roussinos

Title: Ground Zero Mali: The Battle of Gao

Aris filmed dramatic street-by-street battle footage from Gao, in northern Mali, as soldiers attempt to storm buildings held by Mujao Islamist fighters. It is a rare piece of combat footage to come out of the war there.

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