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Finalists Announced for the Rory Peck Awards 2017

Finalists Announced for the Rory Peck Awards 2017

From Aleppo and Mosul to La Paz and Washington, this year's finalists explore communities under siege and under attack from government, militias and military. 

The Rory Peck Trust today announced the finalists for the Rory Peck Awards 2017 - the only awards dedicated to the work of freelance cameramen and camerawomen in news and current affairs worldwide. 

In the RORY PECK AWARD FOR NEWS, Syrian freelancers Fadi Al Halabi and Adham Al Hussen are finalists for their raw, unvarnished coverage of the immediate aftermath of a chemical attack on the town Khan Sheikhoun in Northern Syria which killed 92 people, including 33 children. Syrian camerawoman Waad Al Kateab, is shortlisted for her report from East Aleppo’s last functioning hospital, Al Kud’s, where she captures the daily horrors for those trapped in the city’s diminishing enclave. Mstyslav Chernov, from Ukraine, is a finalist for his coverage of the recapture of Mosul from the so-called Islamic State (IS) by Iraqi forces, which shows the complexities of urban warfare and the plight of civilians caught up in battle. 

In the RORY PECK AWARD FOR NEWS FEATURES, Iraqi freelancer Ali Arkady – a photojournalist with the VII agency – has been selected for his footage showing members of Iraq’s Interior Ministry Emergency Response Division - a special forces unit - torturing detainees during the campaign against IS. British filmmaker Olly Lambert, is shortlisted for his film exploring the daily realities of life for the Washington press as they struggle to report on a Presidency that has quickly labelled them “fake news”. French freelancer Olivier Sarbil is a finalist for his intimate and unvarnished portrait of the slow and grinding battle to free the people of Mosul, told through the eyes of a group of young men from Iraq’s 1st Battalion. 

In the SONY IMPACT AWARD FOR CURRENT AFFAIRS, four young Syrian freelance journalists, Siraj Al Deen Al Omar, Mojahed Abo Al Jood, Basim Ayyoubi, Ahmad Hashisho are recognised for their story of the fall of East Aleppo, told through their own experiences in the documentary, Goodbye Aleppo, which judges described as “a love story to the city they will lose forever”. Dan Fallshaw and Violeta Ayala are finalists for their film following a group of disabled protesters in Bolivia who travel across the Andes to the capital La Paz to lobby for improved rights and benefits where they are met by riot police, tear gas and water cannons. And British producer/director Patrick Wells is shortlisted for his Dispatches investigation into allegations of torture, execution and the sectarian cleansing of Sunni refugees by Shia militias who are fighting alongside the Iraqi army in their battle to rid the country of IS. 

“The work of this year’s Rory Peck Awards finalists show us that brave and truthful journalism is being produced by freelancers across the world and across platforms”, said Tina Carr, Director of the Rory Peck Trust. “As journalists come under increasing attack, freelancers are always the most vulnerable, especially those with cameras. Many of this year’s finalists have overcome enormous pressures to bring important stories to our attention. Without them our knowledge of what’s happening in the world suffers. They need our support more than ever.” 
  • Top image from News Features Finalist Olivier Sarbil's Battle for Mosul (Channel 4 News/ITN)
  • Read more information about this year's awards finalists and see clips from their work at the Rory Peck Awards website. 
  • Download full Press Release

This year’s winners will be announced at the Rory Peck Awards ceremony which takes place at Sadler’s Wells, London, on Monday 23rd October 2017. The event is the main fundraiser for the Rory Peck Trust. 

Tickets for the event are now on sale via the Sadler's Wells booking site. 

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