Safety & Risk Assessment

The risks faced by journalists reporting on conflict, crime and corruption around the world are increasing all the time. But there are precautions you can take to help ensure you stay as safe as possible.


Working independently, and often alone, freelancers can be very vulnerable. Whether you are providing the pictures and stories that international broadcasters, newspapers and agencies rely on or informing the public in your own country, you may often risk injury, threats, kidnap or murder. This resource will help you recognise, manage and minimise these risks when preparing for your next assignment.

Risk assessment: get started

Risk Assessment: Getting Started

Prepare for your assignment by undertaking a risk assessment.

Risk assessment security protocol

Risk Assessment & Security Protocol Guide

How to complete a risk assessment and security protocol form.

Risk assessment communications plan

Creating a Communications Plan

An essential part of risk assessment.

Risk assessment: proof of life

Putting Together a Proof of Life Document

This could save your life if you are kidnapped or abducted.

What is safety training

Taking Safety Training

Minimise the risks posed to you and your colleagues.

Types of safety training

Types of Safety Training

Find out what safety training courses are available.