#Safetystream panel on Risk Assessments and Communications Plans

Updated:March 2018

A panel discussion on Risk Assessments and Communications Plans for freelancers.

James Brabazon, freelance journalist
Steve Cook, Media Security Advisor and Director of TYR Solutions
Elisabet Cantenys, Head of Programmes for the Rory Peck Trust

James Brabazon, freelance journalist
Emma Beals, freelance journalist
Max Riley-Gould, Assistant Online Producer at the Rory Peck Trust

In October the Rory Peck Trust, Frontline Freelance Register and the Frontline Club held a series of livestream panel discussions called #safetystream. These two segments focus on the importance of undergoing a thorough Risk Assessment and Communications Plan before you go on your next assignment. 

On the day, we used the #safetystream hashtag on Twitter for viewers to submit questions. You can use the feedback button on this page if you've got questions or something to say as well. 
Created: May 2014

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