Partners: South Asia

RPT works with a variety of partner organisations in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Tibet.

Baloch Hal

The Baloch Hal is the first English online newspaper for the Balochistan region of Pakistan. Existing as a non-profit, it has an editorial focus on independent journalism and human rights.

Bangladesh Center for Development, Journalism and Communication (BCDJC)

The BCDJC promote, amongst other things, press freedom in Bangladesh. They research, monitor and and study the situation of the media in Bangladesh, run campaigns for media freedom and produce reports on freedom of expression issues.

CGNet Swara

CGNet Swara is a "voice-based portal", that allows people living in local areas of India to record and listen to stories of interest. It was designed to solve the problem of a lack of access to mainstream news outlets, and helps support local freelance journalists by giving them a voice as well as reporting and documenting on media restrictions.

Federation of Nepali  Journalists (FNJ)

The FNJ is a professional union of Nepalese journalists working in all media formats across the country. They support Nepalese journalists. It supports freelance journalists in the country by promoting and protecting freedom of the press in the country, by monitoring attacks against journalists and by supporting those who have been threatened.

Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka (JDSLanka)

Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka (JDSLanka) is a Berlin-based body of journalists and human rights defenders. It advocates for media freedom in the country and supports persecuted journalists, including freelancers. It serves as a liaison between international human rights groups and threatened journalists, primarily to help the latter find a safe location.

The Hoot

The Hoot is a media foundation based in India that reports on media issues in the subcontinent. It aims to revive an interest in press ethics in India and to preserve press freedom. They monitor and report on infringements on press freedom in the region.

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