Create a lasting legacy

Gifts in wills are vital to the work of most charities, ensuring that their good work lives on. Any donation, small or large, makes a big difference.

Legacy gifts.

A legacy gift, or leaving a donation in your will, is one of the most significant and personal ways to ensure that the Trust can continue to support the work of freelance journalists worldwide far into the future.​

How to leave a gift in your will to the Rory Peck Trust

Step 1: Make a note of our details.
Our address is PO Box 76310, London, W13 3ES and our registered charity number is 1071844.

Step 2: Find a solicitor or professional will writer.
Search for qualified advisors in your local area.

Step 3: Read more about making a will.
Take a look at this online guide for advice on the most important considerations when making your will.

Step 4: Contact your solicitor or will writer to write or make changes in your will.
Provide them with the name, address and registered charity number of the Rory Peck Trust, as above.

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or have any questions.

Leaving a legacy.

Tira-Shubart cc

Veteran freelance journalist Tira Shubart explains why she is leaving a gift in her will to the Rory Peck Trust

I recently updated my will to make sure that the people, the charities and the organisations that I care about will benefit from my legacy. For me, of course, that includes The Rory Peck Trust.

In my life as a journalist I’ve been privileged to meet and sometimes work alongside freelance journalists who tell the stories we need to know, often at great risk to themselves.

One of these brave journalists was Rory Peck. We first met and worked together during the Romanian Revolution in Bucharest in 1989. Rory was a brave and principled journalist and one with tremendous style. Everyone who met Rory has their own memories of his dedication to tell the story. He was driven by passion and commitment to be a truth teller which inspired the founding of this Trust.

I want my legacy to continue to support these ideals and our colleagues whose work, more than ever, is essential to democracy and civil societies.

Please consider including a legacy to The Rory Peck Trust in your will.

Tira Shubart
Chair of the Rory Peck Trust