Funding Partnerships

We work with a range of funding partners: from large-scale media organisations to leading social media companies; from private donors to international funding bodies. We value the unique contribution of each partner and the connection they offer to different areas of media and charities. If your organisation doesn't already support the Trust, please consider a grant, a corporate donation or sponsorship. As individuals - and as organisations - you really can make a difference.

Meet our partners


Our other donors

BBC World
CBS News
Col. W.H. Whitbread Charitable Trust
Getty Images
Hugh and Elizabeth Fullerton Full Circle Fund
KMF Maxwell Stuart Charitable Trust


Become a partner

The Trust has established valuable, long-lasting partnerships with a diverse network of news, media and funding organisations. We are deeply appreciative of their support and commitment.


How your donation helps

The Trust provides practical support to freelance journalists and their families in crisis. Freelancers may be reporting from conflict, on human rights atrocities, environmental investigations, or exposing government corruption. They may be reporting on every day issues that seriously affect their local communities. Almost always working alone, they are vulnerable.

We provide direct financial assistance to freelancers and their families. We enable freelancers to access support and training to work safely and professionally. We provide a platform to freelance journalists' voices.

We are independent and non-political. 



Persula Foundation
Telegraph Media Group
Newsquest Media Group
Northern Retail Consortium



We are flexible in terms of how we work with different partners, and always welcome the opportunity to forge new relationships with organisations who share the same values.




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