BBC’s The Firing Line pays tribute to 2020 finalists

Take a look behind the camera at some of the freelance journalists recognised at this year’s Rory Peck Awards.

Watch the trailer for The Firing Line, airing this weekend on BBC News.

Over the next two weekends, BBC News will broadcast The Firing Line, a programme paying tribute to the skill and determination of freelance journalists, whose courage and initiative is often taken for granted. The programme is a chance to catch in-depth interviews with the talented 2020 Rory Peck Awards finalists and aims to go behind the camera to speak to the freelancers who have brought us some of the most important and impressive visual stories from the last year.

The programme will be broadcast at the following times:

  • Saturday 28th November at 0430, 2130
  • Sunday 29th November at 0330, 2130
  • Wednesday 2nd December at 0130
  • Friday 4th December at 0330

After the broadcast, you can also watch The Firing Line on BBC iPlayer here.