RPT collaborates with Falmouth University

The Trust worked together with journalism students from Falmouth University to profile this year’s Award finalists.

For the first time, the Trust collaborated with BA and MA journalism students from Falmouth University to give them the opportunity to gain practical experience by profiling the 2020 Awards finalists.

“Having the opportunity to speak to an experienced journalist who reported on a real story on the ground was inspiring and re-enforced the critical role mobile journalism has to play in helping audiences grasp the true context of issues facing people all over the world,” said MA student Natasha Bradford.

Postgraduates and Undergraduates studying on Falmouth’s Journalism course led by Senior Lecturers Kate de Pury, former News Director for AP and Chief Producer for Reuters, and Kevin Bishop, who has 30 years’ experiences as a BBC international news editor and producer, interviewed and wrote in-depth pieces about each of this year’s finalists. The courses emphasise the need for multi-format tools and teach skills for independent working.

The process gave the students valuable real-world experience and an opportunity to learn first-hand from freelancers about what it’s like in the world of journalism. The profiles reveal some fascinating details about the finalists and explore the challenges they have faced to produce work in often difficult conditions.

“Writing a profile on Robin Barnwell felt like being a mentee. He offered an insightful and astute look into the world of freelance journalism and the crucial support offered by organisations such as the Rory Peck Trust,” said Nadia Leigh-Hewitson, a BA student on the programme.

View the student’s profiles on each of the finalists here.